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Ang Kalupi Ni Benjamin Pascual Pdf Download

Ang Kalupi ni Benjamin Pascual PDF Download

Ang Kalupi (The Wallet) is a short story written by Benjamin Pascual, a Filipino writer and educator. It was first published in 1956 in the magazine Liwayway, and later included in his collection of stories titled Ang Kalupi at Iba Pang Kuwento (The Wallet and Other Stories) in 1960. The story revolves around Aling Marta, a poor mother who is preparing for the graduation of her daughter from high school. She goes to the market to buy some special ingredients for their celebration, but on her way, she bumps into a young boy who is carrying a small wallet. She accuses him of being a thief and snatches the wallet from him, thinking that it contains money. However, when she opens the wallet at home, she discovers that it only has a graduation picture of the boy and a letter from his father who is working abroad. She realizes her mistake and feels guilty for judging the boy based on his appearance. She decides to return the wallet to him, but she is too late. The boy has already been arrested by the police for stealing another wallet from a rich woman. Aling Marta tries to clear his name, but she is not believed by anyone. She ends up losing her own wallet, which contains her savings for her daughter's graduation. She also misses the graduation ceremony of her daughter, who is disappointed and angry with her. The story ends with Aling Marta crying in despair, while the boy is taken away by the police.

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The story is a moral lesson about the dangers of prejudice and injustice. It shows how one's actions can have serious consequences for oneself and others. It also depicts the harsh realities of poverty and social inequality in the Philippines. The story is written in simple and clear language, with vivid descriptions of the characters and settings. It uses dialogue and narration to convey the emotions and thoughts of the characters. The story has a linear plot structure, with a clear beginning, middle, and end. The story has a tragic tone, as it shows how Aling Marta's hopes and dreams are shattered by her own mistake.

If you are interested in reading this story, you can download a PDF copy of it from [this link]. You can also read a DOC version of it from [this link]. You can also find an analysis of the story from [this link]. The story is written in Filipino, but you can use an online translator to read it in other languages.

I hope you enjoy reading this story and learn something from it.


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