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Cleaner-App Pro 8.2.3

If you are still running into this error when trying to import your 8.2.3.x org into a v9 deployment, you will need to log a support ticket in order to get a critical on demand (COD) setup fix. Eventually this will be part of a self-healing fix but until that is available, you will need to install this fix prior to importing an organization. When you log the ticket, please request the COD for build Also, include the error from your log file.

Cleaner-App Pro 8.2.3

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I can't connect my iPhone 7 with the latest iOS 14.0.1 to my Macbook Pro, late 2011, macOS 10.12.6 Sierra. It tells me "a software update is required to connect to your iPhone" (iTunes version 041b061a72


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