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Annabelle: Creation (English) Hindi Dubbed Full Moviel

Annabelle: Creation (English) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie

Annabelle: Creation is a 2017 American supernatural horror film directed by David F. Sandberg and produced by James Wan and Peter Safran. It is a prequel to 2014's Annabelle and the fourth installment in the Conjuring Universe franchise. The film stars Stephanie Sigman, Talitha Bateman, Lulu Wilson, Anthony LaPaglia, and Miranda Otto, and tells the origin story of the haunted doll Annabelle.

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The film was released in the United States on August 11, 2017, by Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema. It received generally positive reviews from critics and grossed over $306 million worldwide, making it one of the most profitable horror films of all time. A sequel, Annabelle Comes Home, was released on June 26, 2019.


In 1943, dollmaker Samuel Mullins and his wife Esther grieve for the loss of their seven-year-old daughter Annabelle "Bee", who died when she was hit by a passing car. An unknown entity convinces them to transfer its essence into one of Samuel's crafted dolls. They soon realize they have attracted a demon looking for a human host and lock the doll away in Bee's bedroom.

In 1955, the Mullins open their home to provide shelter for Sister Charlotte and six girls left homeless by the closing of their orphanage. The girls find a hidden closet containing a seemingly innocent doll that soon becomes an object of fascination for Janice, who has polio. That night, Janice is awakened by a noise and finds a note saying "Find me". She follows the noise to Bee's room and finds a key for the closet. She unlocks it and unknowingly releases the demon, who begins to terrorize her.

The next day, Janice confides in her best friend Linda about what happened. Linda notices changes in Janice's behavior and warns Charlotte about the doll. That night, the demon attacks Janice again and throws her down a staircase, leaving her severely injured and confined to a wheelchair. Linda tries to get rid of the doll but it reappears in her room. She then sees Janice transforming into a malevolent being and runs away.

Linda informs Samuel about Janice's possession but he is killed by the demon before he can help. The demon then reveals itself to Esther, who had lost an eye and her ability to speak from a previous attack. Esther tries to warn Linda and Charlotte by writing notes but she is killed by the possessed Janice.

Linda and Charlotte seek refuge with the other girls in Samuel's workshop but they are attacked by the demon. They manage to escape and find police officers outside. The officers search the house and find the bodies of Samuel and Esther but not Janice, who has escaped with the doll.

An epilogue shows that Janice has been adopted by the Higgins family under the name Annabelle. She grows up to become a member of a satanic cult and murders her adoptive parents in 1967, setting off a chain of events that leads to the first film.

Hindi Dubbed Version

The Hindi dubbed version of Annabelle: Creation was released in India on August 18, 2017, by Warner Bros. India. The dubbing was done by Sound & Vision India, with Rajesh Khattar as the voice director. The voice cast included Shilpa Shinde as Sister Charlotte, Shweta Tripathi as Linda, Smita Singh as Janice/Annabelle, Rajesh Khattar as Samuel Mullins, Mona Ghosh Shetty as Esther Mullins, Rishabh Sharma as Officer Fuller, Abhishek Singh as Officer Clark, Anuj Gurwara as Pete Higgins, Nandini Rai as Sharon Higgins, and Aditya Raaj as Demon.

Where to Watch Online?

If you want to watch Annabelle: Creation (English) Hindi dubbed full movie online, you have several options. You can stream it on Netflix, where it is available with both English and Hindi audio options. You can also rent or buy it on Amazon Video or Apple TV, where you can choose your preferred language option. However, you may need a VPN service to access these platforms if they are not available in your region.

Alternatively, you can watch Annabelle: Creation (English) Hindi dubbed full movie on some illegal websites that offer pirated content. However, we do not recommend this option as it may expose you to malware, viruses, and legal issues. Moreover, watching pirated content is unethical and harms the film industry. Therefore, we suggest you watch Annabelle: Creation (English) Hindi dubbed full movie on legal and safe platforms only.


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