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so, if youve used microsoft office 2016 before, you will be able to import all your files, settings, and formatting into the latest version of the office. all you need is to install the office 365 suit, which is a subscription-based solution, whereas other useful tools like the web app manager do not require a subscription.

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get the latest windows 10 rc build. microsoft is keeping plenty of details and features under wraps, but today, the company has released a new image of windows 10 build 9974. the update is available to insiders through the windows insider program. although this build will not be released to the general public (yet), it should be a solid indication of what to expect with the next public release. the windows 10 build is here to whet your appetite: thanks to the built-in version of internet explorer 11, it will be able to support webgl, which enables 3d graphics that make use of the gpu on some mobile chipsets. webgl is implemented on modern mobile devices. net: high performance graphics, web standard.

when connecting to certain websites, your computer may not display properly. you may see content cut off, errors, or the wrong page. antivirus software and privacy software may make this worse. the problem is caused by a vulnerability in web browsers. the vulnerability can easily be fixed by patching your web browser version. the new feature not only patches your web browser, but also all other programs that use the vulnerable web browser in order to fix the problems. the new feature will download and install patches from microsoft and also other security, privacy and web browsers.


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