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This type of configuration is fairly rare. The concept is pretty straightforward: The freezer is on the bottom of the fridge. Typically, these models offer more storage than top freezers. The idea behind them is that most people access the fridge section more often so why not put it in easier reach.

buy cheap fridge

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The RCA RFR322, also known as the Igloo FR322, is perfect if you want to free up some space in your main fridge. With a can dispenser in the door and 3.2 cu. ft. of space, move all extra beverages and snacks to your mini fridge so you can fit more meat and vegetables into your home.

Midea is a company that normally makes appliances for other brands; older GE front-load washers were once made by Midea. The MRU14F2AWW is a 13.8-cubic-foot convertible unit that can be either a fridge or a freezer at a click of a button. While we did not test this unit ourselves, 93% of buyers at Lowe's recommend this product.

If you're sold on a French door refrigerator for your home, consider upgrading your kitchen and moving your existing fridge outside to the garage or downstairs to the basement. We've tested some of the best French door fridges on the market, which include the Frigidaire Gallery FG4H2272UF and Bosch B36CD50SNS so you can find one that works for you.

With the right supplies and proper prep work, you can create a stylish new chalkboard refrigerator in an afternoon. Plus, the result is durable, functional and looks you purchased a new custom fridge.

Yes, you can paint your refrigerator, but you can also get chalkboard fridge panels or peel-and-stick chalkboard sheets that you can remove whenever you want. Peel-and-stick decals can be used for calendars, grocery lists or memos, and they can be purchased in a variety of sizes.

Some people get a set of these panels and apply them to one side of their fridge. They also work well on walls and kitchen cabinets. You can also cut them to the size you need to them, so they are actually quite versatile.

Many refrigerators do not have magnetic doors or sides. However, with a special magnetic primer, you can stick magnets all over your fridge. This is as simple as painting a coat of primer underneath your layer of chalkboard paint.

For about $100-$150 bucks you can have your own pre-made whiteboard/drink cooler shipped right to your door. These are perfect for the garage, game room, a mini bar, dorm room, etc.. Although they only come in the small version, they are cheap, easy and require no work.

The world of 12V fridges has grown quite confusing, with newer budget players like Iceco, Alpicool, and Costway entering the market, and major brands like Dometic and ARB getting more and more expensive.

In this post, we help you wade through all the vanlife refrigeration options, from cheap to top-of-the-line to DIY. We go over the pros and cons of the best 12V refrigerator models. We discuss whether those expensive 12 volt fridges are really worth the cost, and what you may be giving up with the cheaper units.

The general idea is to take a chest freezer, plug it into a small inverter, and wire it to a thermostat that you set to fridge temperatures. The thermostat is connected to a relay that kicks the inverter on and off as needed. When the temperature inside the fridge rises above our target, the relay turns the inverter on. Once the fridge reaches the low temperature you set, the relay turns off the inverter. This prevents it from cooling too much, and also prevents power drain from leaving the inverter on all the time.

If all you want is something to keep drinks or snacks cold during road trips, then a thermoelectric cooler just might fit your needs. But if you want refrigeration for camping or boondocking, then an actual 12V fridge or standard cooler are far better choices.

Many upright fridges run the exact same compressors as their chest-style cousins, so you would think that choosing between the two is simply a matter of how you prefer to access and organize your refrigerated food. But chest-style fridges have some big advantages over upright fridges that in our opinion makes chest fridges the best choice for off-grid campervans.

The top-down layout of chest-style 12 volt fridges allows you to tightly pack them to fit more stuff and eliminate any wasted space. Most chest-style 12 volt portable refrigerators also come with dividers and dairy compartments, which help a lot with organization.

Running a 12V fridge in your van requires a camper van electrical setup that consists of (at a minimum) a 12V outlet connected to an auxiliary battery (not your starting battery), and a means to charge it. But how much battery capacity do you need?

LiFePO4 batteries (lithium iron phosphate, or LFP), on the other hand, can be discharged 100%. So in this example, a 48ah LFP battery should be able to keep up with your fridge. However, you would need a bigger battery to accommodate your other electrical loads, and we always recommend building in some wiggle room if you can.

Most 12 volt refrigerators have the ability to function as a fridge or a freezer. But if you need both at the same time, some brands offer dual-zone fridge/freezers that have separate compartments for each.

All of the fridges we look at here are generally efficient, but some brands are able to achieve greater energy efficiency due to better insulation, configuration, and compressor controls. We list all available data on the average power draw of various fridges below.

While a 12 volt refrigerator advertising a 3-year or 5-year warranty is awesome, the big question is how easy it will be to get warranty servicing. If you have an issue with your fridge, you may be on the hook for shipping costs to send it back to the manufacturer. Or you may have to take it an authorized service center who will examine it for warranty eligibility. In any case, you may be without your fridge for weeks or longer.

Reputation is also a factor here. The big brands like Dometic, ARB, and Engel generally have good reputations for reliability. Danfoss compressors are known to be reliable, so budget fridges with this compressor are usually a safer bet. You will roll the fewest dice if you stick with major brands or fridges with Danfoss compressors.

In our quest to find the best 12 volt refrigerators for vanlife, camping, and RVing, we analyzed fridge models from the most popular adventure fridge manufacturers. We compiled data on average power draw, warranty, interior capacity, exterior dimensions, weight, noise level, features, accessories, and more. Below are our thoughts on the different options out there.

In our opinion, Iceco 12 volt refrigerators offer the best overall value out there in the portable refrigerator market. Not the cheapest nor the most expensive fridges, they sit in a Goldilocks sweet spot of top notch components, efficient performance, and affordable pricing.

Iceco offers a 5-year warrant on the super-reliable Danfoss SECOP compressor that they use in their 12 volt refrigerators. They only offer a 1-year warranty on all other parts, which is lower than most other 12 volt refrigerator brands. However, we have not heard of any reliability issues with these fridges.

The most popular version of this fridge is the CFX3 45-L, but Dometic also offers CFX fridges in a variety of sizes, including double-zoned fridge/freezers. So no matter what your refrigeration needs are, Dometic makes a CFX fridge to fit.

Dometic CFX fridges are packed with features. They include more advanced features than any other 12 volt refrigerator on this list, including a reversible side-opening lid, the ability to control the fridge settings from the comfort of a wifi app, and a usb port for charging devices. The CFX line also includes all the standard portable fridge features like low voltage cutoff, digital controls, an interior light, and a drain plug. As far as accessories, Dometic makes a fridge slide and an insulated cover for CFX fridges.

Designed for 44 expeditions in the Australian outback, ARB 12 volt portable fridge/freezers are known for their durability and ruggedness. They feature strong powder-coated zinc steel construction, and their very low power usage will help you keep your food cold on an off-grid solar setup. We use the 50-Qt model daily in our van, and we can personally attest to its quality and reliability. The lid on these fridges hinges from the back, making the ARB our top choice overall if you need a rear-hinged lid.

ARB 12 volt portable refrigerators are very energy efficient, trailing only the Dometic CFX fridges (based on our research). ARB is one of the few manufacturers that makes power consumption test data readily available. According to ARB, the 50-Qt model draws a very low 0.87A per hour on average (based on a 27-hour test in 86F ambient temperature, with the fridge set to 37F). In a comparison test with an Engel fridge at 90F ambient temperature (fridge set at 37F), the ARB drew a low 1.35A per hour.

ARB fridges are some of the most expensive we looked at. You can save a bit of money with other brands, but ARB makes top quality, rugged, and efficient fridges. You really do get what you pay for with these.

BougeRV discount codes: Use Gnomad90 for $90 off the 53-qt model. Use Gnomad12 for 12% off sitewide (including on all their other fridges, as well as solar panels and accessories).

Engel fridges are not the most feature-packed. They use a manual control knob instead of digital controls (some actually prefer this), and they do not have an automatic low voltage shut off (although the Sawafuji compressor supposedly adjusts its power draw when battery voltage is low). There are a variety of accessories available, including slides, remote displays, and tie downs.

Whynter (also known as Edgestar) fridges are a popular choice among budget-conscious vanlifers. The Whynter FM-Series offers portable refrigeration at a fraction of the cost of the big name brands, and with many of the same basic features. 041b061a72


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