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DJ Hero 2 - !FULL!

In 2009, Bob Rivers' Cessna 182 was stolen from the airport at which it was based by Colton Harris-Moore, who flew it to Yakima, Washington, landed the plane excessively hard and then fled the scene. The Cessna was declared a write-off by Rivers' insurance company. Rivers publicly condemned the theft and decried Harris-Moore's legend status, telling a news reporter, "I'm not a fan of the media frenzy because I don't like the whole cult hero thing, but if keeping it alive helps solve it, then I think it's worth it."[43] He said on the radio, "I don't buy this folk-hero stuff. I was furious that something like this could happen. I really want him caught."[44]

DJ Hero 2 -

Le Prix collaboration "Architectured Love" is fittingly titled, chilly and gorgeous as an ice palace. The New Wave-y "Don't Be Afraid" first appeared on French producer Anoraak's solo debut Wherever the Sun Sets, and has barely been changed here-- though it's charming enough that the cross-promotion can be forgiven. That's not the case with Electric Youth's "Starman", a passable-enough bit of hero worship that turns out not to have a hook. It's not terrible, just uninspired, and only goes to show that the disco romance formula is both harder to pull off and more singular than you'd think. 350c69d7ab


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