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[S21E6] Sons A Witches

Gerald Broflovski, Randy Marsh, and their male friends celebrate the first night of Witch Week by meeting at a hilltop park called Sentinel Hill dressed as witches for a party where they dance in a circle around a fire, get drunk and smoke crack cocaine. Meanwhile, fourth grader Eric Cartman impatiently waits for his girlfriend, Heidi Turner, to finish getting ready for a pumpkin patch carnival. By the time they arrive there, many of the attractions have already closed, much to Cartman's irritation.

[S21E6] Sons A Witches

At school the fourth grade boys, including Gerald and Randy's sons, Kyle Broflovski and Stan Marsh, discuss the witch, whom they assume is female. Fearing that their parents will forbid them from trick-or-treating, they decide they must do something, but Cartman, still angered over the previous night, can only stare threateningly across the room at Heidi, and when told that "we gotta do something to get rid of her," agrees, thinking they are talking about Heidi. When Sharon expresses disapproval of Randy's leaving for Day 2 of Witch Week, in light of Chip Duncan being on the loose, Randy refuses to abandon a decades-long tradition because of one bad witch. When Randy and his friends discover that Sentinel Hill has been closed off to the public, this confirms their perception that they are being persecuted for Duncan's actions in a manner akin to a witch hunt, though their avoidance of that term recurs as a running gag throughout the episode.

While Chip Duncan continues to attack the town and kidnap children, Kyle, Stan, Kenny McCormick and Butters Stotch meet at Kyle's house to research how to kill witches. Cartman arrives and instead proposes a plan to get rid of Heidi, and when Kyle and the others refuse this, Cartman storms out. At a school assembly the following day, Randy and his witch-garbed friends put on a musical number intended to convey the public service message that not all witches kidnap children, but merely the one bad one. While Stan and Kyle are unimpressed with this message, it inspires Cartman to invite Heidi to a Halloween costume party as part of a plan to dispose of her. That night he leads her down a dark, tree-lined path, where he leaves her to be confronted by Chip Duncan, who kidnaps her. When Stan and Kyle discover that Chip Duncan was part of the same witch's club as their fathers, and that they are all missing, they contact the one member of the club who has been absent from town: President Garrison.

Randy's fellow club member Stephen Stotch tries to convince him to publicly confess their crack cocaine use and the spells that he reveals that they placed on their wives. Randy asks him to wait until the following morning to do this, a delay that allows Randy to contact the others to have Stephen sacrificed to the Devil. Stephen is lured to a Ross Dress for Less parking lot, where they publicly accuse him in front of shoppers and the police of being the bad witch, but Chip descends before them on his broomstick. He reveals that he is using a magic satchel to carry the children and plans to use their souls to increase his power. President Garrison arrives in Air Force One and has Chip incinerated with a laser fired upon him from an orbital satellite. The police release all of the children from the bag except for Heidi, who is not fully ready, and tells the police she will be shortly. Rejoicing that Chip is now dead, Garrison and the witches leave to enjoy the rest of their Witch Week partying, but Cartman is again miserable when Heidi's procrastination delays their trick-or-treating. 041b061a72


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