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Bernhard Kroll Audio PDF Download - A Guide to the Composer and His Works

If you are looking for a way to learn more about the German composer and horn player Bernhard Kroll, you might be interested in downloading his audio PDF files. These files contain recordings of his compositions, as well as interviews, lectures, and articles by him and about him. In this article, we will give you an overview of who Bernhard Kroll was, what kind of music he wrote, and where you can find his audio PDF files online.

Who was Bernhard Kroll?

Bernhard Kroll was born in Berlin in 1920 and died in Stuttgart in 2013. He studied composition with Josef Rufer, a student of Arnold Schoenberg, but he did not follow the atonal style of his teacher. Instead, he developed his own tonal system, influenced by Paul Hindemith and Carl Orff. He also studied horn with Bruno Jaenicke and played in several orchestras, including the Staatskapelle Berlin, the Berlin Philharmonic, and the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra. He retired from horn playing in 1967 and devoted himself to composing and teaching.


What kind of music did he write?

Bernhard Kroll wrote music for various instruments and ensembles, but he is best known for his works for horn. He composed solo pieces, chamber music, concertos, and symphonic works for the horn, often using extended techniques such as hand-stopping, muting, glissando, and multiphonics. He also wrote vocal music, such as songs, cantatas, and operas. His music is characterized by rhythmic vitality, melodic invention, harmonic richness, and expressive intensity. Some of his most famous works include:

  • Laudatio for solo horn (1966), a tribute to the horn player Hermann Baumann and a meditation on death and resurrection based on the Gregorian chant Te Deum Laudamus.

  • Concerto for Horn and Orchestra (1972), a three-movement work that explores the technical and expressive possibilities of the horn.

  • Die Macht des Krolls (The Power of Kroll) (1978), an opera based on the Doctor Who episode of the same name, featuring a giant squid-like creature that threatens a human colony on a swamp planet.

  • Quintet for Horn and String Quartet (1985), a four-movement work that combines classical forms with modern harmonies.

  • Sonata for Horn and Piano (1991), a two-movement work that reflects the composer's personal style and musical influences.

Where can you find his audio PDF files online?

If you want to download Bernhard Kroll's audio PDF files, you can visit the following websites:

  • [Internet Archive], where you can find a free download of his opera Die Macht des Krolls, as well as a magazine article about it.

  • [Jason M. Johnston's website], where you can find a detailed analysis of his solo piece Laudatio, as well as links to YouTube and Spotify recordings of it.

  • [Words Gone Wild], where you can find a free download of his book Words Gone Wild: A Potpourri of Puns, Puzzles, Poesy, Palaver, Persiflage, and Poppycock, which contains humorous writings on various topics.

We hope this article has given you some useful information about Bernhard Kroll and his audio PDF files. If you are interested in learning more about him and his music, you can also check out his official website []( where you can find his biography, works list, discography, reviews, photos, and contact details.


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